Monday, January 3, 2011

How to Install This Blog!

Step 1:  Login to your Blogger blog.

Step 2:  Click > Layout > Edit HTML

Step 3:  Don't forget to backup your current template just in case!  Click "Download Full Template" and save it to your computer. 

Step 4:  Highlight your entire code and delete it, so your template is blank.  Then open this document.  Rosie Posie 3 Column

Step 5:  Copy all the code and paste into your template.  Preview and save!


SweetOuju said...

A very nice template, I wonder if I manage to download the template to my blog, will the other current features in place or will be deleted as well?

O meu canto arrumado said...

Adorei, estou a usar. Lindo.

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